2022 Lilly Awards
Red background, white text reading "The Lilly Awards"

New York, NY — The Lilly Awards Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Lilly Awards. 

Writer/actor and DG member Laiona Michelle was one of the recipients of the $5,000 Stacey Mindich Go Work in Theater Award. DG member and Moxie Arts Artistic Director/ Creative Producer K. Hernandez Friend also received a Stacey Mindich Go Work in Theater Award. Other winners of this award included Moxie Arts Managing Producer Madelyn Paquette, actor, writer,  and activist Liza Jessie Peterson, actor Kara Young, and actor April Mathis.

DG member Imani Uzuri was the recipient of the $25,000 Stacey Mindich Go Write a Musical Award and Zora Howard was the recipient of the $25,000 Stacey Mindich Go Write a Play Award.

Additional 2022 Lilly Awards winners included Mei Ann Teo, who was the first recipient of the $25,000 Lily Fan Director Award, and Brian Blythe and John Kristiansen, who were crowned joint winners of the Miss Lilly Award for creating the Costume Industry Coalition during the pandemic. Producer Stacey Mindich was also presented with an honorary Lilly Award for her outsized support of women in theatre throughout her prolific career.

The Lillys celebrate, fund, and fight for women by promoting gender and racial parity in the
American theatre.

The Lillys are Jane Abramson, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Antonia Belt, Rebekah Carver, Valerie Curtis Newton, Lily Fan, Amanda Green, Mandy Greenfield, Julia Jordan, Janice Maffei, Dana Muldrow, Kate Navin, Marsha Norman, Lynn Nottage, Rita Pietropinto Kitt, Sarah Ruhl, Robert Schenkkan, and Julie Unis.