2022 Idea Awards for Theatre Recipients Announced
op text: "The 2022 Idea Awards for Theatre" Four square headshots of Deb Margolin, Ankita Raturi, John-Michael Lyles, and Daniel Alexander Jones.
L to R: Deb Margolin, Ankita Raturi, John-Michael Lyles, and Daniel Alexander Jones

New York, NY – The Bret Adams and Paul Reisch Foundation has announced the recipients of their 2022 Idea Awards for Theatre. This year’s Tooth of Time Distinguished Career Award will be presented to Deb Margolin (Imagining Madoff, Three Seconds in the Key). The award is given to playwrights who have created significant, idea-driven works throughout their career and includes a $25,000 prize.

Ankita Raturi is the recipient of the 2022 Ollie New Play Award, and John-Michael Lyles and Daniel Alexander Jones will each receive Vivace Musical Theatre Awards. The award recognizes emerging talent and original work with ambitious theatrical ideas and is bestowed with a $25,000 prize. Each of the four artists will also receive a unique stone statuette hand carved by Bruce Ostler.

The Bret Adams and Paul Reisch Foundation champions visionary theatre writers in their creation of expansive, illuminating, and idea-driven theatre. Embracing diversity in all its forms, The Foundation encourages artists with fresh perspectives—particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds—to create idea-driven new plays and musicals reflecting on multivalent themes. Nominations for all three awards are accepted exclusively from The Foundation’s Board of Artistic Advisors. For more information, visit www.BretnPaulFoundation.org.