• The Terrence McNally Issue
    Vol. 23
    No. 3
    Jan/Feb 2021

    This edition of The Dramatist is a special tribute issue in honor of Terrence McNally. It isn't often that an entire issue is dedicated to one person; Terrence McNally is that rare exception for many reasons, including his impressive body of work, his dedication to mentorship, his outspoken advocacy for authorial rights, and for his career-long support and service to the Guild and the Dramatists Guild Foundation.

  • Craft and Career
    Vol. 23
    No. 2
    Nov/Dec 2020

    This edition of The Dramatist is an in-depth examination of Craft and Career. According to The Dramatist Editor Joey Stocks, this theme was inspired by the confines of the pandemic.

  • The Call & Response Issue
    Vol. 23
    No. 1
    Sep/Oct 2020

    This edition of The Dramatist, called The Call and Response issue, takes a look at some dramatist-led resources, initiatives, and how writers have felt compelled to take action during a turbulent sociocultural moment.

  • The Season That Was/Not Was Issue 2019-2020
    Vol. 22
    No. 6
    Jul/Aug 2020

    The 2020 Season in Review edition celebrates the world premiere productions that opened and acknowledges the world premieres that closed early or were canceled due to COVID-19. Conceived in the early days of the pandemic, and titled The Season That Was Not/Was, the issue opens with DG's Statement condemning the Spring 2020 Discriminatory Attacks Against Asian Americans.

  • The Young Audiences Issue
    Vol. 22
    No. 5
    May/Jun 2020

    This edition of The Dramatist takes a look at creating theatre for young audiences. Kit Goldstein Grant and Milta Ortiz address why dramatists want to write for young audiences. Idris Goodwin and Masi Asare lead conversations with playwrights and composers on how to approach the process of writing theatrical work for younger audiences. And Ralph Sevush discusses the impact of Cancel Culture on Campus.

  • The Pacific Northwest Issue
    Vol. 22
    No. 4
    Mar/Apr 2020

    This edition of The Dramatist celebrates the new theatrical work being created in the Pacific Northwest. From Rachael Carnes Postcard from Eugene's Oregon Contemporary Theatre to Karen Hartman's ode to Hedgebrook, this issue is like a snapshot of theatres, residencies and other opportunities in Washington and Oregon, with dramatists contributing insights  about local theatres based upon their own experiences.

  • The Before and After Issue
    Vol. 22
    No. 3
    Jan/Feb 2020

    This edition of The Dramatist is bursting with tips, advice, and industry intel on how to approach the writing process from both sides. Featuring both new and popular archived articles, this issue focuses on information all dramatists should consider before they begin writing and after they finish their draft.

  • The Coping Issue
    Vol. 22
    No. 2
    Nov/Dec 2019

    This edition of The Dramatist, called The Coping Issue, seeks to answer the question posed by guest editor Michele Lowe: " How the hell do we write and not just survive but thrive?" In this issue, dramatists consider the challenges and rewards of coping with a career as a theatrical writer.

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