The Dramatist is the official journal of the Dramatists Guild of America, the professional organization of playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists.


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  • The Legacy Issue
    Vol. 25
    No. 3
    January/February 2023

    The Legacy Issue of The Dramatist celebrates the life and work of Adrienne KennedyWilliam S. Yellow Robe, Jr., Bridgette Wimberly, and other remarkable dramatists. Also in this issue, Todd London introduces the Legacy Playwrights Initiative, Caitlin Saylor Stephens answers “Ten Questions” and Lynn Nottage explains “Why I Joined the Guild.”

  • The Money Issue
    Vol. 25
    No. 2
    November/December 2022

    The Money Issue of The Dramatist covers topics from deal memos to per diems and everything in between. Included in this edition is “Compensation, Part One: Commissions, Advances, Per Diem, Royalties,” a panel featuring Diana Burbano, Lauren Gunderson, and Roger Q. Mason and moderated by Ralph Sevush.

  • The Sondheim Issue
    Vol. 25
    No. 1
    September/October 2022

    This edition of The Dramatist pays tribute to the artist, mentor, collaborator, and past Guild Council President Stephen Sondheim (1930 - 2021).

  • The Season of Reemergence Issue
    Vol. 24
    No. 6
    July/August 2022

    Welcome to The Season in Review! This issue features reports from our representatives and ambassadors and members across the country. In this season of reemergence, it also pays tribute to those members who’ve had world premiere productions between May 1, 2021 – April 30, 2022. Due to limited space and resources, the productions listed in this issue are not comprehensive and all have been self-reported.

  • The Atlanta Issue
    Vol. 24
    No. 5
    May/Jun 2022

    Our first regionally-focused issue in over two years, The Atlanta Issue provides an overview of opportunities and resources in the Atlanta-Metro area. Along with special guest editors Laura King and Pamela Turner, many of your peers provide a first-hand account of their experience with the rich Atlanta-area theatres, development centers, festivals, groups, and other resources.

  • The Innovation Issue
    Vol. 24
    No. 4
    Mar/Apr 2022

    This issue of The Dramatist was born from Terence Anthony's “The Listening Party.” Within these digital pages, you'll find a roundtable of dramatists discussing their innovative works and an introduction to the groundbreaking work of the Midnight Oil Collective. Also in this issue, Lynn Nottage and Matt Barbot share their thoughts on The Watering Hole, and Roger Q.

  • The Motivation Issue
    Vol. 24
    No. 3
    Jan/Feb 2022

    In this latest edition of The Dramatist, Blossom Johnson, Jeremy Geragotelis, Brianna Barrett, TS Hawkins, and Psalmayene 24 reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic’s lasting impact, while Amelia French concocts a recipe for motivation. Guild members take to Twitter to share what keeps them motivated, and Chisa Hutchinson moderates a roundtable featuring S.M.