• Mentorship
    Vol. 26
    No. 2
    Spring 2024

    The Spring 2024 edition of The Dramatist explores the topic of mentorship through conversations between Jeanine Tesori & Paula Vogel and Roger Q. Mason & Steven Dietz.

  • Technology (2023)
    Vol. 26
    No. 1
    Winter 2023

    The first issue from our new editor, Amelia French, our Winter 2023 edition of The Dramatist explores all things high- and low-tech, from AI (“5 Questions About AI That Keep This Playwright Up at Night”) to puppets (“Everybody Loves Puppets”) and percussion (“Tools of the Trade”). Also in this issue, Dave Harris answers “Ten Questions,” Ife Olujobi recounts negotiating pay raises for playwrights at The Public, and Ross Berger explains

  • The Art and Activism Issue
    Vol. 25
    No. 5
    May/June 2023

    The Art and Activism of The Dramatist includes a roundtable with Lynn Nottage, Erika Dickerson-Despenza, and Lisa Kron on theatre, activism, and the influence of playwright Lorraine Hansberry on their work; a roundup from Carolyn Gage, Pearl Cleage, Robert Schenkkan, and Keelay Gipson about the intersection of activism and art, and “A Secular Prayer for the Artist’s Radical Rest” from ayla xuan chi sullivan.

  • The Translations and Adaptations Issue (2023)
    Vol. 25
    No. 4
    March/April 2023

    The Translations and Adaptations issue of The Dramatist includes a round-up on adaptations featuring Lee Cataluna, Kate Hamill, Mindi Dickstein, Tim J. Lord, Matthew Spangler, and Jeffrey Hatcher; answers to eight common questions about adaptations from our Business Affairs team; and a roundtable on translations with Migdalia Cruz, Jeremy Tiang, and Jessica Lit, moderated by Caridad Svich.

  • The Legacy Issue
    Vol. 25
    No. 3
    January/February 2023

    The Legacy Issue of The Dramatist celebrates the life and work of Adrienne KennedyWilliam S. Yellow Robe, Jr., Bridgette Wimberly, and other remarkable dramatists. Also in this issue, Todd London introduces the Legacy Playwrights Initiative, Caitlin Saylor Stephens answers “Ten Questions” and Lynn Nottage explains “Why I Joined the Guild.”

  • Young Dramatists: A Guide to Help Aspiring Writers Become Professional Artists
    Vol. 1
    No. 1
    2023 Edition

    The first of its kind, Young Dramatists 2023 Edition serves as a primer on the business of writing for the theatre. It is the first and only magazine of its kind, geared towards informing and empowering young theatre writers. No matter your age, you're never too young to view yourself as a professional playwright, composer, lyricist, or librettist.

  • The Money Issue
    Vol. 25
    No. 2
    November/December 2022

    The Money Issue of The Dramatist covers topics from deal memos to per diems and everything in between. Included in this edition is “Compensation, Part One: Commissions, Advances, Per Diem, Royalties,” a panel featuring Diana Burbano, Lauren Gunderson, and Roger Q. Mason and moderated by Ralph Sevush.