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Landmark Symposium: West Side Story

TERRENCE MCNALLY:  It’s hard to imagine what the musical theatre would be like in 1985 without the efforts of the four gentlemen sitting here with me, the authors of West Side Story. In our theatre community, they are held in great, great respect and much love. West Side Story is the one time these four extraordinary talents came together. I’d like to start with the germ of the idea, the first time somebody said, “Hey, there’s...
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The Role of a Librettist

I've loved opera since I was in the sixth grade and our wacko nun brought in a phonograph and some Puccini love duets. I was hooked in about fifteen seconds. I’m sure it is opera that led me to writing plays, which accounts for my fondness for long speeches, duets, trios, and quarters—all spoken, of course. I never found it odd or...
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The Dramatist Jan/Feb 2021: The Terrence McNally Issue

The January/February issue of The Dramatist magazine is now available to access online, and hard copies are currently being shipped to DG members  as well. This issue is dedicated to Terrence McNally (1938-2020) and features writing advice from him, as well as tributes from numerous friends and collaborators. It isn't often that we dedicate an entire issue to one person. Terrence McNally is that rare exception for many reasons including his impressive body of work, his...
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The Dramatist LIVE: Remembering Terrence McNally

The March 26 episode of The Dramatist LIVE featured special guests including Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty, Andrew Lippa, Matthew Lopez, Ralph Sevush, Nicky Silver, and Doug Wright. The hosts, and their special guests discussed why the Guild isn’t a union, who is writing and who isn't, and paid tribute to Terrence McNally.
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An Interview with Terrence McNally

Last year, Terrence was interviewed as a participant in the Dramatists Guild Opera Committee's filmed conversation with today's opera creators, "Credit the Librettist."  Terrence was, in fact, a charter member of the Opera Committee. In honor of Terrence's great contribution to the worlds of theater and opera, we are now releasing the full, uncut footage of his interview, filmed by Duncan Wilder and conducted by Michael Korie.