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The Dramatist Nov/Dec 2020: Craft & Career

The November/December issue of The Dramatist magazine is now available to access online, and hard copies are currently being shipped to DG members  as well.  The theme of this issue is Craft & Career. According to The Dramatist Editor Joey Stocks, "since so many of us are still at home, we thought we’d shift the conversation back to some basics of writing. Initially, we conceived this issue to be solely about craft. In the course of editing transcripts...
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A Contemporary Theatre

A Contemporary Theatre, otherwise known as ACT, has been in operation since the summer of 1965. Located at the heart of downtown Seattle, the historic Eagles Auditorium Building played host to some pretty big names throughout the years. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech in the space on his only visit to Seattle, and bands such as Chicago, Pink Floyd, and Duran Duran have played the hall.