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I’ve known Beth Blatt for years, first as a DGF Fellow, then as a friend and colleague. Throughout the years, Beth has always been the first person to say ‘how can I help’ whenever a friend is in need. During this time of fear and uncertainty, she has again stepped up by creating a platform for people to assist the Dramatists Guild Foundation.
Dramatist article

From the Archives: Writing for Young(er) Audiences

This roundtable originally appeared in the November/December 2016 issue of The Dramatist. ADAM GWON: I thought I’d start by asking if you, as a young person, went to TYA shows and if you remember your experience seeing those shows.
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Village Theatre

The scene in the rehearsal room is much like any other: Actors practice harmonies and choreography on a taped-out floor. The director fiddles with a newly-received prop. Writers pore over rewrites, a huge recycling bin in the corner overflowing with discarded pages. Snacks abound. A new musical is being born.