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DG Inclusion Rider

Free download for members and non-members. The first of its kind in the theatre industry, the Dramatists Guild Inclusion Rider is intended to be a model addendum that will enable you to ask a producer to audition or interview, cast, and hire members of historically excluded groups...
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Approved Production Contract Booklet Guide for Broadway

Learn all about the Dramatists Guild's Broadway Approved Production Contract in this APC booklet guide! Discover when to obtain the APC, how to use the APC, and what APC certification means. This guide also includes important information on the rights and responsibilities of DG members when they are produced on Broadway, including...
Career Services and Member Benefits

DG Guide for Dramatists: The Art of Negotiating Theatre Contracts

We know it can feel daunting to negotiate with a producer, theatre, school, college, or university that wants to produce your play or musical. But it is important to advocate for yourself, to ensure that you receive the treatment that all playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists deserve. If you...