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Amanda Green: Why I Joined the Guild

Guilt. FOMO. John Weidman asked me to. The matter came up when I was signing a contract for my first Broadway-bound musical High Fidelity. Suddenly my collaborators and I had to make a choice: were we going to be DG members or not? I didn’t see the advantage. The DG hadn’t helped me along the way in the years it took to get to this first big break, so why should I join now when I would be asked to...
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Has your work ever been produced or published?   Upgrade to a level that better reflects your career level and receive additional member benefits. In order to ad
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Join the Guild as a Member, Student, Subscriber, or Affiliate Organization.   Theatre writers at all career levels, both produced and unproduced, amateur and professional, are eligible for m
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Why I Joined the Guild with Lloyd Suh

I joined the Dramatists Guild three times, because I’m one of those people who accidentally let their membership lapse and forgot to renew (twice).
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Why I Joined the Guild with Jeffrey Sweet

I was seventeen, a freshman at NYU, and new to New York. I saw an off-Broadway musical called Now is the Time for All Good Men in Greenwich Village and happened to be at a performance when the co-author (who was also the female lead) was scheduled to talk to people after the show. After I asked a craft...