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What is the DG Regional Rep and Ambassador Program?

The Dramatists Guild of America has evolved over the last century from an inspired idea to a national organization of over 8,000 members. Within that big, shiny number is a collection of individuals—dramatists, creators, administrators, advocates—each on a different leg of their own creative journey. As we all know: writing can be a...
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Why I Joined the Guild with Lisa Kron

I first encountered the Guild in 1993 when the director of a solo show I was doing in the East Village demanded co-writing credit and I wasn’t sure what to do. Someone suggested I call the Dramatists Guild. I couldn’t imagine they’d take my call. I was part of a dynamic downtown lesbian theater...
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Why I Joined the Guild with Lloyd Suh

I joined the Dramatists Guild three times, because I’m one of those people who accidentally let their membership lapse and forgot to renew (twice).
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Why I Joined the Guild with Jeffrey Sweet

I was seventeen, a freshman at NYU, and new to New York. I saw an off-Broadway musical called Now is the Time for All Good Men in Greenwich Village and happened to be at a performance when the co-author (who was also the female lead) was scheduled to talk to people after the show. After I asked a craft...