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DG Presents The Sondheim Issue of The Dramatist Magazine!

The Sondheim Issue of The Dramatist magazine is now available for DG members to view online! The online edition of this issue is currently accessible to DG members only. The issue will ship to members and subscribers in October. The print edition of The Sondheim Issue will start shipping Oct 17.  The issue will also be available in October at Drama Book Shop in New York City, ...
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Why DG Supports Collective Bargaining for Creative Professionals

The Dramatists Guild is a member of a coalition of creative professionals who co-filed a request with the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice for collective bargaining rights on behalf of creators of copyrighted works everywhere, including playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists.  Such artists continue to suffer in the marketplace, due to outdated labor laws that treat them as independent businesses rather than as workers; this treatment results in...
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Theatre Writers are Job Creators in the Creative Arts Economy: Add Your Testimony to the Congressional Record

We are asking Dramatists Guild members— and all theatre writers— to submit testimony on January 19 and beyond, in order to ensure our voice is heard regarding the issues that are important to playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists, and our entire industry.  The Committee on Small Business will be holding a remote hearing, titled "The Power, Peril, and Promise of the Creative Economy" at 10am on Wednesday, January 19 via Zoom (information...
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Remembering Stephen Sondheim

Having benefitted as a young writer from the mentorship of Oscar Hammerstein II, Steve made it his life’s mission to pass that gift along. He mentored the careers of scores of writers and artists, including Jonathan Larson, Lin-Manuel Miranda...
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Composers on Composing Opera

LILA PALMER:  It’s such an honor to be here. I’m a librettist and opera consultant as well as Interim Managing Director of American Lyric Theater. My practice is based in empathy, optimism, and sharing concealed narratives. Today we are speaking with a very accomplished bunch of composers. Let’s start off with a small question which probably has a significant answer, but we’ll try and be succinct. Why opera? ...
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Stephen Sondheim: Ten Questions

1What was your most memorable theatrical experience as a child? The opening moment of Very Warm for May, a musical by Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern. The lights came up on a lavish Long Island living room as a butler came onstage and dusted the keys of a grand piano, causing a...