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2021 DG Year In Review: 102 Years of Advocating for Playwrights, Composers, Lyricists, and Librettists

The Dramatists Guild of America is the national, professional membership trade association of theatre writers including playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists. The Guild was established for the purpose of aiding dramatists in protecting both the artistic and economic integrity of their work.  In our 2021 Year in Review, we look back upon the past year's advocacy initiatives, legislative updates, institutional partnerships, DG statements, professional development events,...
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Writers Deserve Collective Bargaining Power: Why The Guild is Pro The PRO Act

For far too long, freelancers - including dramatists - have been forced to choose between owning their copyright and organizing with collective bargaining power. Thanks to The PRO Act, it may no longer be necessary to make that difficult choice. Under current federal law, playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists are NOT employees - we are intellectual property owners who license our property for others to use. The Dramatists Guild, therefore, is a trade...
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DG Guidance Regarding Workplace Harassment and Abuse

As an organization formed to end the economic exploitation of theatrical writers, the Dramatists Guild has a heightened awareness of how all employees and independent contractors should be treated in any work environment. Those who work in the theatre industry, where people of disparate power must work closely, intensely, and intimately for prolonged periods to put on a show, are particularly vulnerable to predatory behavior.  So, as the conversation in our industry continues around unseemly...