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Can I Get a Ride?: Affording the Life of a Theatre Writer

On May 31, playwright Larissa FastHorse shared her “thoughts for theatres regarding playwrights and the great reopening” on Facebook. It was a provocative post that spoke to the heart of the mission of the DG Best Practices Committee. In it, FastHorse outlined the many ways that playwrights are overlooked when it comes to planning,...
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Best Practice Considerations for Director Agreements

The CONSIDERATIONS FOR "DIRECTOR AGREEMENT" guidelines were arrived at after extensive discussions between writers and directors and were drafted to address the rare circumstance in which a director’s extraordinary contribution to a work transcends direction and dramaturgy. ...
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New Contract: Livestream Addendum

As theatres remain closed, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many producing organizations have moved to presenting live-streamed content. Specifically, producing organizations are looking to present works from their archives, or convert previously contemplated live performances into digitally streamed performances....