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Career Services and Member Benefits

Approved Production Contract Booklet Guide for Broadway

Learn all about the Dramatists Guild's Broadway Approved Production Contract in this APC booklet guide! Discover when to obtain the APC, how to use the APC, and what APC certification means. This guide also includes important information on the rights and responsibilities of DG members when they are produced on Broadway, including...
Career Services and Member Benefits

DG Career Profile

Only Members, Student Members and Estate Members have the benefit of a profile in the Member Directory. This is not a member benefit for Associates or Student Associates. A DG Profile provides you the chance to promote yourself and provide the world with as...
Career Services and Member Benefits

Model Contracts

No contract is one size fits all. Download a model contract today. Because the Guild tracks national and worldwide trends, we are able to provide certain model contracts that reflect up-to-date industry standards. We encourage our members to use these models to educate themselves and use as a guide when...
Career Services and Member Benefits

Business Affairs Help Desk

The Business Affairs Help Desk is DG's support portal that allows us answers your business related question more quickly and efficiently. You can submit a query or request a contract review via our ticketing system. Our ticketing system will allow you to follow up on issues months or, in some cases, years...