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Estate Planning Week 2021: Learn How to Protect Your Work and Plan for the Future!

“Estate planning is especially important for dramatists, who own their own copyrights. Those copyrights will last for life, plus an additional 70 years. Many dramatists have yet to consider what will happen to their work when they are no longer there to protect it. The DG©M is here to help dramatists explore the process of estate and legacy planning.” -Deborah Murad, Executive Director of the DG©M This October, join DG Copyright Management for Estate and Legacy Planning Week. We've...
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From the Desk of the DGCM: Who Do I Leave My Intellectual Property To?

At DG©M we are honored by the growing number of authors who have inquired about and enrolled in our program. When I reflect upon our dramatists, I always think of Anne Hanley, who was one of the very first authors to enroll with us. I have often wondered what made Anne decide to...
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From the Desk of the DGCM: The Author is at the Center of Everything

It seems appropriate that I would write my first “Desk of” as Executive Director of DG Copyright Management [DG©M] in a tribute issue to the late Terrence McNally. Mr. McNally reached out to me in September of 2019 with the intention of enrolling with the DG©M. Although my interaction with him lasted only a...
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DG Copyright Management: The Music of Irvin Graham

DG Copyright Management invites you to take a stroll down memory lane with the songs and music of Irvin Graham, now available on Spotify! Mr. Graham was a long-time Guild member, who left his entire portfolio of songs to the Guild when he passed away in 2001. On this dedicated list, you can enjoy his holiday classic, “I Believe,” which he co-authored with Ervin Drake, Jimmy Shirl, and Al Stillman.  This song has sold well over 20 million copies and was covered by...