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Career Services and Member Benefits

Find a Collaborator

Theatre is undoubtedly a team sport. We're here to help you find great teammates. Whether it's someone with a different skill set - i.e., a librettist to your composer, a lyricist to your playwright - or maybe someone with a similar background, our service exists to help build lifelong creative partnerships.
Career Services and Member Benefits

Dramatists Groups

Launching in 2022. In effort to connect our writers together and to strengthen our community, our website now provides online groups where members can connect, share, communicate and build new relationships.
Career Services and Member Benefits

The Dramatist

First and foremost, The Dramatist is a member service of the Dramatists Guild of America. It is written by members for members and is also the only national publication devoted to the business and craft of writing for theatre. The publication originally launched in 1964 as The Dramatists Guild...