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DG Career Alert on Brown Paper Tickets

The Guild does not generally offer business advice regarding self-production; however, we understand that many of DG members self-produce their work. As such, we wanted to inform our members of an ongoing issue with the popular ticketing platform, Brown Paper Tickets. Recently, a member reached out to the Guild informing us that they had not received their ticket sales revenue from Brown Paper Tickets nearly two months after their...
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When is it Appropriate to Pull the Rights to My Show?

When is it appropriate to pull the rights to my show? We all recognize that the theatre industry is not perfect and often theatres and theatre companies that are intended to be safe spaces for collaboration turn into the exact opposite. We are also living through a time in which theatre-makers of all kinds are more empowered to speak up than ever before in response to violations of their rights while working in...
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The Road to Riches: Publishing & Licensing

In this MTV-induced generation where the average person flips the channels until his or her eyes pop and watches YouTube until the boss comes back from lunch, it is a comfort to know that theatre is going strong. The live stage will always find a way to adapt to the changing times....
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The Real Person in Your Play

This article returns to a topic discussed in this column several years ago, but which seems to be increasingly popular. It all begins with a seemingly simple question: “Can I write a play about a real person?” This query invokes two areas of the law referred to as the right of publicity and the right of privacy. These rapidly...
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Editor's Notes on The Before and After Issue

Before this issue existed, it was an idea of Amy VonMacek’s, pitched to and pondered by our esteemed Publications Committee and Business Affairs Department. As we talked about it, we felt it made sense for it to come after The Coping Issue. Since February 2019, my “before” has been writing morning pages as prescribed in Julia...
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The Business Affairs Help Desk is LIVE!

The BA Help Desk is a new portal that answers your question more quickly and efficiently. Now you can submit a query or request a contract review via our new ticketing system. You can check the status of new or closed ticket. You'll no longer have to dig through your emails to find the answers to your business questions. Our ticketing system will allow you to follow up on issues months or, in some cases, years after you first...