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The Dramatists Guild of America Condemns Anti-Asian Racism

The murders this past week in Atlanta of eight people, six of them Asian American women, at the hands of a white supremacist is the latest horrific example of the cancer of anti-Asian racism in America. We know, as writers, that narrative is a powerful tool that can be used for good or ill. It can illuminate lasting truths that ennoble us all, and it can also denigrate, diminish,...
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The Dramatists Guild Presents: TALKBACK - Let’s Talk About MFA PROGRAMS

TALKBACK Season 2 Episode 2 is now available to download! This new season explores the idea of ACCESS, and the second episode examines the pros and cons of getting an MFA. Is getting a Masters degree really the best way to enter the theatre industry? In this episode, host Christine Toy Johnson sits down with friends and colleagues KJ Sanchez and Vichet Chum for a deep dive into the realities of student loans, institutional racism, and a career in an insecure field. This episode...
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Dramatists Guild Statement of Solidarity

In May 1963, Robert F. Kennedy met with a small group of Black artists and activists, including Dramatists Guild members James Baldwin and Lorraine Hansberry. When Kennedy seemed unable to comprehend the pain of Jerome Smith, who had been beaten and jailed by the police, Hansberry reportedly said, "if you are insensitive to this, then there is no alternative except our going into the streets...and chaos." It has been 57 years since Lorraine Hansberry walked out of...