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The Dramatist Nov/Dec 2020: Craft & Career

The November/December issue of The Dramatist magazine is now available to access online, and hard copies are currently being shipped to DG members  as well.  The theme of this issue is Craft & Career. According to The Dramatist Editor Joey Stocks, "since so many of us are still at home, we thought we’d shift the conversation back to some basics of writing. Initially, we conceived this issue to be solely about craft. In the course of editing transcripts...
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California - South: Minimal Talking/Maximal Writing

Before a word can be written, a writer must sit. But I’m a writer who finds sitting hard. When I sit, wonderful things happen – eventually. But it’s getting to the gate. When I was a staff writer for someone else, I was at the screen at 6 a.m., logging on, ready to work. The key was accountability: Someone else was waiting. It’s embarrassing to admit, but true: I readily will do for someone else what I struggle to do for myself.
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Sam French Bows Out After Nearly a Century in the City of Angels

Samuel French has closed its historic Hollywood film and theatre bookshop—long a meeting place and performing space for LA playwrights. Los Angeles dramatists were “saddened,” “beyond bummed,” “miserable,” and “desolated” upon hearing of the store’s closure. “...
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Los Angeles: The War of Art

Rhea MacCallum and Vincent Terrell Durham are accustomed to writing a play in four-and-a-half days.