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DGI Weekend Workshop: Playwriting in a Changed World: Resources, Opportunities, and Strategies

This workshop is your chance to learn all about the new play development process: what to expect, what to demand, and when to walk away. We live and work in a time of new realities and shifting standards in theatre. What does this changed landscape mean for you and your work? What opportunities are still available to you, and what do you need to know to navigate the flux? Join us for a weekend of concentrated learning, sharing, and discussion, to prepare you for what...
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The Dramatist LIVE: Artistic Director Roundtable

Towards the beginning of the May 14 edition of The Dramatist LIVE, co-host Christine Toy Johnson announced, “I’m excited to see all the people [on the show] today because they are some of the smartest people I know.” Our guests included Guild Council VP Lisa Kron, who came on to play a lightning round of Ten...