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The Dramatists Guild Presents: Talkback is a podcast for every playwright, composer, lyricist, librettist, or theatre fan who wants to pull back the curtain to discover the highs and lows of what it means to create theatre and foster community in the complex landscape of American storytelling. Over the course of five seasons, host Christine Toy Johnson and her industry colleagues delve into in-depth conversations about the intricate facets of navigating and sustaining a life in a theatre that strives to make room for everyone.

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Talkback Quote
Talkback Quote

“I still have never seen or been in any play or musical that reflects my experience as an Asian American woman whose family has been here for multiple generations - unless I’ve written it. So to have these conversations about the possibility of making room for additional voices in what could become an expanded canon of our American landscape of storytelling has given me some hope that someday stories like mine and others from historically excluded communities might be intentionally included in it.” - Christine Toy Johnson 

This season of Talkback was produced by Amy VonMacek and Christine Toy Johnson, with postproduction by John Marshall Media. The music is composed by Andrea Daly. Talkback is a production of the Dramatists Guild of America and is distributed by The Broadway Podcast Network.

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Season Five


Episode One

The Canon in Education with Stephen Kaplan and Julianne Wick Davis 


Episode Two

 The Canon and Global Language with Jason Ma and Diana Burbano 


Episode Three

Neurodiversity in the Canon with Harmon dot aut 


Episode Four

The Modern Canon with Joseph Haj 


Episode Five

Redefining Power in the Canon with Roger Q. Mason 


Episode Six

The Future of our Canon with Lynn Nottage and Lauren Gunderson