You’ve made the choice to become a professional theatre writer. Congratulations! But how do you build a life in the theatre? Where do you start? Who will produce your work? How much will you get paid? How much should you get paid? Who will review your contracts? What are your rights as a theatre writer?  The questions can seem endless. That's where The Dramatists Guild comes in. We're here to help!

Over 100 years ago, the Guild was founded by theatre writers; today, it is run by an elected council of professional playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists who work to protect and advance the rights of theatre writers across the country. As a member of the Guild, you can take advantage of our many services, such as access to business advice through the BA Career Help Desk, the ability to download sample industry contracts, the chance to have your unsigned contracts reviewed by an attorney (although we provide business advice, not legal advice), and additional member benefits and career services.