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Artist as CEO: Entrepreneur Training for Theatre Writers

Class Info

This class is currently full. If you would like to register, please fill join the waitlist.

Instructors: Tari Stratton, special guests
Class Date: Day/time: Mondays, 8pm – 9:30pm ET, March 11 - May 13
Maximum Students: 14

AST: 8pm-11pm
EST: 7pm-10pm 
CST: 6pm-9pm
MST: 5pm-8pm 
PST: 4pm-7pm
AKST: 3pm-6pm
HST: 2pm-5pm


Class Summary

Did you think your job was done when you finished writing your play or musical? Think again. The Artist as CEO will open your eyes to tools essential for taking control of your career, from the smallest details of your development as a writer, to the bigger business and legal principles every writer should be aware of.

The first six weeks of the course will be devoted to topics about career development tips (with topics including proper formatting of your play, drafting cover letters/bios/resumes/synopses, how to use social media, and more) and the next six weeks will cover business and legal standards and principles relevant to the theater industry (copyright, contract basics, authorial compensation, and more). When you are finished with The Artist as CEO, you will have as much confidence in your understanding of the nuts and bolts of being a writer as you already do in your talent. When you register for The Artist as CEO, you are automatically enrolled in all twelve weeks.


Class Requirements

Hopefully, students will have completed at least one ten-minute play, though it is not required.


Class Expectations 

Students will be expected to participate in class discussion and to share their resumes/cover letters/synopses when requested.


Class Outcome 

Students will be more confident in navigating the promotional and legal parts of the theatre industry; will know how to apply their newly acquired understanding of the business to their own career moves as writers.

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    The Dramatists Guild does not provide refunds; however, it is possible to receive credit towards a future course instead. Please email dginstitute@dramatistsguild.com for more information.

    Unfortunately, DG is unable to offer financial aid at this time.

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    Unfortunately, at this time financial aid is not available.

  • Instructors and Community

    The faculty at the Dramatists Guild is comprised of some of the country’s leading playwrights, songwriters, educators, and industry professionals. Please be aware that instructors are subject to change prior to the start of the semester. In the unlikely event that such a change does occur, all DG students will be notified as soon as possible.

    The Dramatists Guild endeavors to create a safe space in which all students feel encouraged to participate as freely and confidently as possible. Although we generally try to group students by skill level, writers from a variety of backgrounds will inevitably be in class together. Students are expected to be inclusive, communicative, and welcoming to one another, regardless of previous writing experience.

    All students should arrive on time to class, disengage from electronic media (other than the Zoom platform upon which the class is taking place), and remain present for the entire class period. Please note that the Guild is unable to record any courses. If you are unable to attend a class, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor, in advance of your planned absence, in order to coordinate a sufficient make-up strategy.

  • Class Sizes

    Unless otherwise noted, all foundation classes have a maximum of 14-15 students and all writing workshops (including specialty writing workshops) have a maximum of 10 students. 

    The number of students in each course is limited in order to ensure that every participant has a meaningful classroom experience.

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