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Philadelphia by Jacqueline Goldfinger

Philadelphia by Jacqueline Goldfinger

On April 18 in Philadelphia, we held a networking happy hour co-sponsored with The Directors Gathering and the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas. Work samples were shared in-advance via Dropbox so that artists could get to know one another’s work, and have a sense of whom they wanted to chat with at the happy hour. About 30 artists participated to meet-and-greet, many leaving with new collaborators! Thank you for joining us.

This summer, Philadelphia DG is thrilled to welcome all of the PlayPenn New Play Conference artists to Philadelphia this July! Four of our DG members will be featured at the Conference: Lindsay Joelle, Sevan K. Greene, Dominic Taylor (former DG Fellow) and Stephen Belber. You can see all of the plays for free during the Conference.

Lindsay Joelle’s play is The Garbologists. Danny’s a white, conservative, proud union member of the DSNY. Marlowe’s the black, liberal, Ivy-educated newbie who just joined his sanitation route. When they find something on the curb too valuable to throw away, they’ll be forced to reevaluate in each other what they mistook for trash.

Sevan K. Green’s play is You, The Fire, and Me. Tommy, Jules, and Omer are tired of their worlds, their countries, their governments, and their families. They’re tired of being invisible. They’re tired of being disenfranchised. They’re tired of being no one. They’ve found a supportive family with one another and found the solution to their problems: Joining a terrorist organization. A coming-of-age story for a new generation, You, the Fire, and Me asks how far you would go to have your voice heard and to finally be seen as someone rather than just anyone.

Dominic Taylor’s play is Kids Drop (Off). A group of parents have a collective “staycation” while their first graders are on a field trip. They get together because all parents need a moment of tension release. This day of relief is broken when Ado, the mother of a child that died a month ago, arrives. This play asks; how we can take care of ourselves and each other at the same time?

Stephen Belber’s play is Joan. Joan is a play about the entire life of a woman named Joan.

You can learn more about the Conference, taking Summer Classes at the Conference, and more here: www.playpenn.org.