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The act of submitting creative work for a dramatist is as necessary as finishing it. But the process of finding the right submission opportunity can feel overwhelming. This is why, for more than 20 years, the Dramatists Guild has compiled a submissions and opportunities database, and published a full directory of theatres, agents, festivals, contests, workshops, retreats, and other submission opportunities to help make the life of the dramatist an easier one.

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  • Washington, DC
    Rhythm Visions Production Company's mission is to advance social and economic development in our communities through the creation and promotion of world-class art.
  • Washington, DC
    Founded in LA in 2002, based in Washington DC since 2010, Leapfrog goes wherever the stories lead. We continue to develop and produce our slate of documentary, reality and interactive projects with the very best of artists and partners, and now do so with expert and added layers of pandemic safety protections. Leapfrog has developed, produced and distributed award-winning short-form and long-form documentaries, scripted and unscripted, interactive and immersive experiences, television series and specials for such clients as WETA PBS, AARP, Discovery, Disney, MSNBC, The Jim Henson Company,...
  • Washington, DC
    Experimental and immersive, Joy and Pang blurs the lines between life, audience, actor, and performer. We seek to move beyond the performance, event or space by involving community, joining worlds, and opening hearts. Productions with heart and noise.
  • Washington, DC
    We are TEATRO LA BOLSA, an interactive, bilingual educational theatre company, who work with a magical bag of stories that accompany us in every performance we do.
  • Williamsburg, VA
    Panglossian Productions is a non-profit theatre company dedicated to creating original, innovative, substantive and boundary-pushing artistic ventures, high-quality productions that challenge our audiences, and opportunities for talented and dedicated new artists of any age to gain meaningful experience in Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • Philadelphia, PA
    Sewer Rat Productions is an organized collaboration of artists. We are dedicated to producing and developing new works that offers a multitude of perspectives on art as a whole. We embrace and mold conventions in order to express the unmistakable beauty in this world despite it's persistent ability to turn things upside-down. We pool together our artistic resources in order to create something unique and special. Our mission is to create professional works that embrace a compassion for all aspects of humanity.
  • Orbiter 3 is part of a national momentum to increase production of new plays by local writers, fueled by artists, theaters, and playwright support organizations that share a belief in the importance of new plays.
  • Philadelphia, PA
    Arden Blair Enterprises produces quality theatre and entertainment. One of our goals is to offer theatre that reflects and questions the happenings in society.
  • ALL MY RELATIONS is an art, theater, film, and design collective committed to making new work that uplifts the interconnectedness of all living things past, present, and future. We shed the idea of prescriptive process. We weave together all parts of our artistic practices that we've developed in the concentric circles we work in; social justice, community organizing, reservations, broadway theaters, universities, and museums. All the story elements are interdependent. As a collective we are caretakers of each story, invested in its life and health. We show that same commitment each other,...
  • Princeton, NJ
    Navy Room Productions - a brand new musical theatre production company located in Princeton, NJ, announces its inaugural work: The Blood Orange. The musical centers around four main characters struggling with mental illness: Prescription Drug Addiction, Anxiety and Depression, Estrangement, and Histrionic Personality Disorder - Not your typical musical theatre themes?! Well this isn't your typical musical.
  • barebones productions is a Pittsburgh theater company whose mission is to facilitate the growth of local theater artists through the production of challenging, entertaining, thought-provoking plays and to attract new, young audiences by employing minimal production elements for maximum impact. Founded in 2003 by theater artist Patrick Jordan, barebones has garnered a reputation for producing high-quality, risk-taking plays.
  • RealTime Interventions creates theatrical events and public experiences that depend upon the immediate nature of real time: events that come to life when people come together. We seek to generate human connection, curiosity and wonder, and to help audiences re-see their surroundings in new and unexpected ways. RealTime creates narrative art in conversation with a broad range of collaborators, from theater artists to scientists to rock bands to social workers to our neighbors down the street. We create vibrant “companies” with every new project, peopled by individuals from diverse walks of...