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The act of submitting creative work for a dramatist is as necessary as finishing it. But the process of finding the right submission opportunity can feel overwhelming. This is why, for more than 20 years, the Dramatists Guild has compiled a submissions and opportunities database, and published a full directory of theatres, agents, festivals, contests, workshops, retreats, and other submission opportunities to help make the life of the dramatist an easier one.

This functionality is part of suite of resources designed to help playwrights, composers, lyricists and librettists.  

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  • We are committed with students to bring them with the essential tools on their text analysis journey. We bring you video content to ease their process and motivate them to delve into the plays that are assigned to their curriculum.
  • San Juan, PR
    At Puerto Rico Theatre Lab, we believe in the transformative power of theatre. If you wish to enjoy a night out of the ordinary, there is nothing quite like the theatre. We want our playhouse to be an open and inclusive space for people of all ages. Our goal is to make theatre a force to unite people through the power of drama. If you live in San Juan and want to attend an excellent play or perhaps put one on yourself contact us through our booking form.
  • Entretener, educar y auto gestar experiencias que promuevan habilidades socio-emocionales, individuales y colectivas a través de las bellas artes.
  • Taller artístico es una corporación sin fines de lucro que ofrece talleres holísticos de teatro musical el cual se ofrece cursos como canto, actuación, baile, música, entre otros. Este taller está diseñado para jóvenes de 12-18 años con un enfoque en teatro musical.
  • Independent film and theater company based in Puerto Rico.
  • You can access free of charge the video-archive of the live presentation of “Let's kill the Theater: Manifesto of Virtual Theater”. https://youtu.be/lbD1xyiSyeg
  • TEATRO PÚBLICO INC. es; Cartelera teatral variada en que confluyen obras clásicas y contemporáneas, cómicas y dramáticas, realistas y experimentales, con el ojo puesto en la calidad artística, la accesibilidad y la resonancia con la realidad actual. Cultivar la dramaturgia nacional y nuestra propia identidad teatral puertorriqueña Apuesta a la educación continua a través de talleres formativos, charlas magistrales y grupos de discusión Microcosmos para repensar la industria teatral local, fomentando las alianzas y los espacios de diálogo, y velando por la justicia salarial, la sana...
  • Somos un colectivo de jóvenes artistas con las destrezas de baile, canto y actuación, dedicándonos al teatro musical en Puerto Rico.
  • Colectivo artístico que rompe con los paradigmas, creando talleres y exposición para artistas negros.
  • Black Power Theatre is about positivity, love and promoting true artistic talent - raw and unfiltered! The New Black Arts Movement is here, and we are sharing our stories with the world! For the people, by the people! Black Power Theatre is a contemporary cultural arts center, located in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. The theater is focused on the artistic talents of the African diaspora. Black Power Theatre provides a place where African, Caribbean and Black-American representation is not only celebrated, but cultivated.