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McCarter Theatre Center

Princeton, NJ
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The act of submitting creative work for a dramatist is as necessary as finishing it. But the process of finding the right submission opportunity can feel overwhelming. This is why, for more than 20 years, the Dramatists Guild has compiled a submissions and opportunities database, and published a full directory of theatres, agents, festivals, contests, workshops, retreats, and other submission opportunities to help make the life of the dramatist an easier one.

This functionality is part of suite of resources designed to help playwrights, composers, lyricists and librettists.  

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  • An independent, non-profit regional theater, we live in the heart of the new Princeton University Arts District and provide programs all over Princeton, Trenton, and throughout central New Jersey. McCarter Theatre is committed to nurturing new plays and artists through commissions, readings, workshops, retreats and productions. We identify new artists by carefully following the work around us through contact with other theaters, festivals, graduate programs and playwright development organizations, and through conversations with our colleagues around the country. Agents and artists with a...
  • Princeton, NJ
    Joe Queenan and T.J. Elliott started writing their 'problem comedies'. These plays explore difficult issues in a humanistic and entertaining fashion seeking through their collaboration with actors, director, other theater professionals, and the audience to provoke discussion and understanding of issues and ideas critical to our time such as race, religion, and polarization. In order to avoid the drawn-out processes of submissions, they formed Knowledge Workings to self-produce this still growing work. Knowledge Workings is a member of Alliance of Resident Theaters/New York Our Mission:...
  • Princeton, NJ
    Navy Room Productions - a brand new musical theatre production company located in Princeton, NJ, announces its inaugural work: The Blood Orange. The musical centers around four main characters struggling with mental illness: Prescription Drug Addiction, Anxiety and Depression, Estrangement, and Histrionic Personality Disorder - Not your typical musical theatre themes?! Well this isn't your typical musical.
  • East Brunswick, NJ
    AMERICAN THEATER GROUP produces new and classic works, primarily by American Playwrights, with an emphasis on the development of new works and the rediscovery of undeservedly neglected older ones. American Theater Group enlivens the lives of its audiences by making theater’s glorious possibilities accessible to the diverse community in which we live through heartfelt, inspiring performances as well as quality arts-in-education programming that nurtures and inspires the next generation of theater artists and audiences.
  • New Brunswick, NJ
    The Crossroads Theatre Company is dedicated to creating and producing professional theatre of the highest standards of artistic excellence that: * celebrates the culture, history, spirit and voices of the entire African Diaspora. *presents honest and positive portrayals of people of color from around the world. *provides a nurturing working environment for writers and artistic collaborators through supporting the commissioning, development, presentation and documentation of new scripts. *uses art to provoke and challenge a multicultural audience to a higher sense of communion. *educates...
  • American Theater Group produces new and classic works primarily by American playwrights with an emphasis on the development of new works and the rediscovery of undeservedly neglected older ones. ATG engages audiences by making theater’s glorious possibilities accessible to the diverse community in which we live, through remarkable performances as well as quality arts-in-education programming.
  • The Phillips’ Mill Drama Program produces several popular shows, including original musical comedies and cabarets featuring the music of well-known songwriters. Seating for these performances is cabaret style; guests are invited to bring their own snacks and libations. The Drama Committee and the enthusiastic thespians, singers and dancers who produce the shows always seem to have as good a time as the audience. In addition, the Drama Program offers a summer workshop for youth that closes with a performance at the Mill. This revives the long tradition of children’s theater at the Mill.
  • To engage audiences and artists alike with exceptional performances, inspired writing and superior productions that motivate us to think harder, to feel more deeply, to laugh more joyfully, and to reflect on ourselves and the world in which we live.
  • ALL MY RELATIONS is an art, theater, film, and design collective committed to making new work that uplifts the interconnectedness of all living things past, present, and future. We shed the idea of prescriptive process. We weave together all parts of our artistic practices that we've developed in the concentric circles we work in; social justice, community organizing, reservations, broadway theaters, universities, and museums. All the story elements are interdependent. As a collective we are caretakers of each story, invested in its life and health. We show that same commitment each other,...
  • Philadelphia, PA
    The Phoenix Theatre creates diverse community through passionate storytelling while making bold and unexpected theatre accessible for all.
  • Howell Township, NJ
    Artistic director Darrell Lawrence Willis Sr., a retired theater professor at Brookdale Community College, co-founded Dunbar Repertory Company with Ramon James Morris in 1987. The company was founded at Brookdale to raise funds for the Black Student Union and is now the Middletown Arts Center’s resident company, staging at least three productions each year. It is known to residents as Monmouth County’s African-American Theater Company, and is committed to celebrating African-American culture through live literary readings, main stage theatrical productions, educational programs and services...