The Dramatists Guild of America is seeking
interns to work in the areas of membership, marketing, and creative affairs. All internships are unpaid. 

Here’s what past interns have about their intern experience at The Dramatists Guild

Natalie (2016/17)
To be part of the team at the Dramatists Guild is to be part of a century-old tradition of speaking on behalf of the American theatre’s greatest voices. I’ve learned a lot about the business of theatre, current standards and trends, and how to build my own portfolio and contacts as a theatrical writer. But the most important thing I’ve learned is how rewarding and necessary it is to be involved in this community. Dramatists truly are stronger when we stand together.

Jordan (2015/16)
The atmosphere of advocacy, passion, and relentless spirit is contagious at the Dramatists Guild. Seeing what the Guild does externally barely scratches the surface of what goes on “in the room(s) where it happens,” or the rich history that precedes this incredible organization. It has been invaluable for me as an artist, playwright, and developing professional to experience firsthand how much goes into the business of writing for the stage.

Molly (Spring 2014)
Something I love about working at the Guild is being exposed to so many other creative people in a working environment… The energy when you walk in the door is always high and willing to help in any way possible. That fuels creativity and breaks free potential. That’s a place worth working for, especially as an aspiring writer myself.

Edward (Fall 2014)
What I love most about the theatre is its familial closeness, its tight‐knit quality, and the Guild is no exception. Not only is everyone so friendly, they’re all ready to help you grow both as a playwright and a person. It’s so rare, this feeling of being a part of something important, but I feel it here.

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