Friday Night Footlights

DG Footlights – NYC

Via lottery, selected members showcase new work in front of an audience for free! Participants are given the opportunity to use The Mary Rodgers Room in Times Square for one evening.

Round 1: October and November
Round 2: December
Round 3: January and February
Round 4: March and April
Round 5: May and June
Round 6: July

Our space may be used for a reading of your play and/or musical, or for an evening of scene/song presentations. You may not present work that has not been written by you or your collaborators.

This member benefit is open to all members regardless of location, as long as you will be in New York City at the time of your presentation.

Depending upon who is selected, the evening may be reserved for one or multiple presentations in a single evening. The process is random, so we cannot guarantee time slots. Our goal is to serve as many members as possible while also ensuring that the offering of free space provides value to the development of your new work.

You will be given the option of choosing one primary date on which to use the space and two alternative dates. You must be available for any date you choose.

Once selected, you do not have the option of changing dates. If you request to do so, you will automatically be forfeiting your slot. We have divided the year into a series of five rounds. Each round will have its own lottery drawing.

Guidelines are subject to change.

Round 5 is closed.