By John Lucas


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Staying a legend in this town can be a drag. That's the tag line in this one act comedy by John Mark Lucas that has five "older" drag queens, or celebrity impersonators, in a career therapy session. When their Vegas audiences are no longer buying tickets to the shows they've been doing for 40 years, Cher, Liza, Bette M, Miss Ross and Barbra S all decide to leave show business and come together to try and learn new job skills. Diana Ross working in an office cubicle? Cher as a dog groomer? What will it take to get these legends back in their heels? Directed by Joan Kane.


Emmett + Trayvon + Suns of God

By Sonhara Eastman

Emmett + Trayvon + Suns of God delves into Emmett (Till) and Trayvon (Martin's) last moments on earth, and reexamines the unconscionable pain both endured that made their names synonymous with racial transgressions in America. Although neither realize it, both exist in the same space, craving earthly light -- longing to be men, but never given a chance.

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By Julius Galacki


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In the style of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and other classical comedies, the play is chock-a-block with word play, alliterations, internal rhymes and couplets, physical buffoonery and mistaken identities. “THE MASTER AND THE MAGICIAN” is a fractured fairy tale for adults.

On the final night of a magician’s life, she seeks to pass on her knowledge to an heir, while at the same time playing a last game of hearts with a puckish fairy spirit in which they use four lovers as pawns.


Brother, Brother

By Aleshea Harris

Jim and Wally are brothers traveling Appalachia by two-seater bicycle, stopping to play shows on their way to make it big in Tennessee. When a man in a maroon suit starts following them, they come face-to-face with their pasts. Playwright Aleshea Harris and director & former NYTW 2050 Fellow Shayok Misha Chowdhury‘s haunting illustrated audio play chronicles the winding road toward success. Featuring Affrilachian fiddle music from Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton and the stunning visual imaginations of Ibrahim Rayintakath​ and Liang-Hsin Huang.

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The Most Incredible Thing

By David Maglione

Hans Christian Anderson’s short story The Most Incredible Thing comes to life with this inspiring new musical telling. Rebeka, a young inventor, unearths something remarkable. With this new discovery, she must face her destiny and unite a divided land. Part Two of The Kingdom of Merideh Series is set to a shanty style score and reminds us all that “The spirit of art cannot be broken.”

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We Reckon: A Southern Chronicle of 2020

By Daniel Guyton, Hank Kimmel, Amina McIntyre, Maranda DeBusk, Bridgette Burton, LaDonna Williams

We Reckon has developed a mode of collecting individuals throughout the southeast, analyze how these stories are similar and how they are unique, devise performative pieces from the narratives, and present them to the community and the region.

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By Eleanor Burgess

In The Niceties an ambitious young Black college student and her esteemed white professor meet over Skype to discuss a paper the college junior is writing about the American Revolution. Unfortunately, they find it hard to agree about the facts of the past – or the present. Discussions of grammar and Google turn to race and reputation, and soon they’re in dangerous territory neither of them had foreseen – and facing stunning implications that can’t be undone.

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The Hidden Sea

By Ashley Naftule

Sophia Islet has trouble sleeping. It isn’t insomnia or sleep apnea that troubles her: it’s her vivid nightmares of drowning and the very real underwater creatures that follow her back to her flooding apartment when she wakes up that give her grief. While Sophia struggles to cope with her impossible situation, over half a century in the past two sailors on a raft—Hans & Nikolai—try to stay afloat as sharks circle them & a mysterious siren tempts them with promises of love & immortality under the sea. Inspired by body horror, sea shanties, the weird fiction of Caitlin R.