Talkback Season 3

It's time for a new season of The Dramatists Guild Presents: TALKBACK! Season Three launched on Monday, October 18

Over the past two years, podcast host Christine Toy Johnson and her array of special guests have asked tough questions of the industry, digging into dialogue that’s been vital and messy and real. But this season, we're not just talking about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion; we're taking action.  Season Three of The Dramatists Guild Presents: TALKBACK is all about collaboration. We intend for these six episodes to engage and empower you to ask for what you need from your collaborators within the theatrical community.

And so, this season of TALKBACK not only celebrates the partnerships that are necessary for the creation of live theatre, it also examines what it takes to collaborate effectively in this industry. Fellow dramatists will share their own experiences collaborating with members of their creative teams, with theatrical institutions, and with their communities at large.

We hope that listening to these conversations will help to inform, guide, and embolden you as you proceed in your own collaborative theatremaking, and you continue to develop your own work. For instance, the first episode of the season sheds light on what it's like to work with a dramaturge, the benefits of bringing in a cultural consultant, and how predominantly white institutions can successfully develop new work by artists from historically excluded communities.

And while we know that collaborations can sometimes seem daunting, we urge you to remember that you are not alone. Whether entering into a collaboration with another writer or with a theatre company, you have your community of dramatists behind you. In the second episode, Inclusion Rider task force members Chisa Hutchinson and Ty Defoe explain their three prong approach for how to make the most of the Guild's new Inclusion Rider. They also provide meaningful context for why the industry needs this document, giving you the knowledge you need to fully utilize this important new tool and to advocate for yourself in all of your artistic collaborations. 

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Episode One - Launched October 18
Bhangra Meets La Jolla: Collaborating on Culturally Specific Shows
with Rehana Lew Mirza, Natasha Sinha, and Rohi Mirza Pandya
hosted by Christine Toy Johnson

Episode Two - Launched October 25
That Beyonce Energy: The Dramatists Guild’s Inclusion Rider
with Ty Defoe and Chisa Hutchinson
hosted by Christine Toy Johnson

Episode Three - Launched November 1
Artists Without Borders: Amplifying The Work of Immigrant Playwrights During The Pandemic
with Daniel Gallant, Saviana Stanescu, and Caridad Svich
hosted by Christine Toy Johnson

Episode Four - Launched November 8
Artists First & Foremost: Collaborating With The Disability Community
with Anna Morton, Sarah Hom, and  Nicholas Viselli
hosted by Christine Toy Johnson

Episode Five - Launched November 15
I See You. I Respect You. I Honor You. Collaborating With Your Community
with Teresa Coleman Wash
hosted by Christine Toy Johnson

Episode Six - Launched November 22
A Long Overdue Correction Collaborating with Non-Homogenous Creative Teams
with Leigh Silverman
hosted by Christine Toy Johnson

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