Theatremakers are pledging to end gun violence.

Our friends at Theatre Communications Group and Enough: Plays to End Gun Violence have started a petition so that arts workers, including dramatists, can pledge their resources, relationships, and creative work as theatremakers towards ending the scourge of gun violence. 

Over the past month, mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo have refocused media coverage of gun violence, though the sheer volume of mass shootings means that many barely attract national attention. The U.S. ratio of 120.5 firearms per 100 residents exceeds that of every other country, and U.S. citizens are more than three times as likely to die by gun than the global average. “Active shooter” attacks are rising, as is the gun violence experienced by children. Gun violence falls disproportionately hard on Black communities, especially young Black men, for whom it is the leading cause of death. Gun violence also disproportionately impacts women facing domestic violence. Gun violence is not only amplified by white supremacy and misogyny, but is inextricably linked to slavery and genocide.

As storytellers, we have the power to change the narratives of violence that are deeply rooted in our country.

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