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Starting July 10, let the Dramatists Guild ignite your creativity with our diverse array of summer classes for theatre writers, educators, and dramaturgs.

Explore new genres, craft unforgettable characters, and break creative barriers in our dynamic workshops. Led by acclaimed instructors, each class offers a unique chance to connect with a vibrant community of playwrights. Join us this summer and let your creative spirit soar! Dive into the transformative worlds of Queer and POC women playwrights, master the art of comedy, and unlock the magic of your dreams.



Architecture of Plays: A Canon of Women Playwrights

Instructor: Pandora Scooter

Dive into the world of Queer and POC women playwrights through six transformative plays. Gain insights from writers like Caryl Churchill ("Far Away") and Paula Vogel ("Desdemona"). Discover alternative structures in Suzan-Lori Parks' "Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World" and Jane Wagner's "Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe." Explore the powerful narratives in Anna Deavere Smith's "Twilight" and Maria Irene Fornes' "The Conduct of Life."

Channeling Your Dreams

Instructor: Steve Harper

Is your creative spark fading? Learn to channel your dreams into a vibrant writing career. In this six-week workshop, award-winning dramatist Steve Harper will guide you through tapping into your subconscious, establishing compelling characters, and creating original short plays. Discover how to turn your dreams, obsessions, and fantasies into dynamic theatrical adventures.

Character and Behavior

Instructor: James Anthony Tyler

This class introduces creative ways to develop character behavior and unique dialogue. Through in-class exercises, participants will create complex, active characters and explore rich subtext. Learn from accomplished playwrights and strive to write memorable characters like Sister Aloysius, Troy Maxson, Willy Loman, or Blanche DuBois.

Exercising Your Creative Imagination

Instructor: Andrew Black

Join an interactive six-session class where writing exercises become a group adventure. Led by playwright Andrew Black, PhD, you'll explore exercises that stimulate imagination, build skills, and generate new play ideas. Each week brings a new prompt, fostering insights and creativity. Playwriting teachers will also gain new tools for their classrooms.

Funny Bones: Writing Comedy

Instructor: Lucy Wang

Comedy is both revolutionary and scientific. Discover what makes us laugh and how comedy can change perspectives. Join Lucy Wang to explore the elements of comedy, share tips, and improve your craft. Enhance your health and creativity by delving into the art of making people laugh.

Getting Unstuck

Instructors: Daniel Lazour and Patrick Lazour

Struggling to move your musical forward? Learn strategies from award-winning team Daniel and Patrick Lazour to overcome creative blocks. This class will help you find new directions and push past obstacles, ensuring your musical progresses smoothly and excitingly.

Marketing Post-Pandemic

Instructors: Donna Hoke and Caroline Russell-King

Theatre has changed post-pandemic, and so must your marketing strategies. Join Donna Hoke and Caroline Russell-King to learn how to prepare your materials for a new era. This six-week class covers feedback, synopsis writing, open calls, cold submissions, research, and record-keeping, helping you navigate and succeed in the current landscape.

Of Cryptids and Cosmonauts: A Genre Playwriting Workshop

Instructor: Azure Osborne-Lee

Explore new worlds on stage with this genre playwriting workshop. Discover the art of crafting plays in sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and detective/mystery genres. Through reading, writing exercises, and assignments, Azure Osborne-Lee will help you break through traditional playwriting boundaries and create innovative works.

Summer With Sondheim

Instructor: Cheryl Coons

Celebrate the musicals of Stephen Sondheim with this fun and inspirational class. Explore six of his early works, including "West Side Story," "Gypsy," and "Company." Learn about Sondheim's collaborators, the actors who brought his shows to life, and gain valuable insights into musical creation. Ideal for fans, creators, and those who love behind-the-scenes stories.

Unexpected Threads

Instructor: Mona Mansour

Jumpstart your writing in this stimulating class. Mona Mansour will help you find exciting threads through reading and exercises, leading to organic inspiration. This class offers a playful and supportive environment to fill pages and surprise yourself with new creative discoveries.

Words and Bodies

Instructor: L M Feldman

Explore the intersection of movement and writing in this unique workshop. Playwright, dramaturg, and circus artist L M Feldman guides you through writing movement, scripting nonverbal communication, and dramatizing the body. Discover new ways to reveal character and conflict by blending theater, dance, and circus techniques. No movement experience needed.

Write Your Ass Off!

Instructor: Winter Miller

Challenge yourself to write a first draft in six workshops. Winter Miller will lead in-class exercises, discussions, and readings to generate the spark for your new play. Write 55-75 pages during this intensive, supportive class.

Writing and Expanding Your Ten-Minute Play

Instructor: James Anthony Tyler

Master the ten-minute play form with award-winning playwright James Anthony Tyler. Through exercises, readings, and discussions, learn what makes a ten-minute play successful and how to expand it into a full-length work. Gain clarity and precision in your storytelling.

Writing the Ten-Minute Play, Advanced Level: Breaking Boundaries

Instructor: Arianna Rose

Push the boundaries of the ten-minute play in this advanced class. Arianna Rose will guide you through a deeper dive into theatricality and imagination. Combine lectures, readings, discussions, and in-class sharing to stretch your creativity and enhance your craft.

Writing to Win, Place, or Show

Instructor: Lucy Wang

Stay motivated this summer with Kennedy Center Award-winning playwright, Lucy Wang. This course offers weekly in-class writing assignments inspired by real-world opportunities. Share, revise, and submit your work, aiming for public recognition and prizes. Improve your craft, create new work, and have fun in a supportive environment.

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