Someone Wrote That Song
Someone Wrote That Song
Feb 27, 2013
Someone Wrote That Song

The Guild Council's anti-piracy committee has created an exciting new music video, SOMEONE WROTE THAT SONG, with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by committee chairman Craig Carnelia.

The anti-piracy committee was formed to address the issues of online piracy of music, including both recordings and sheet music. The goal of their video is to inform the fans who are participating in the cultural trend of unlicensed downloads and fileshares that their behavior is robbing the artists they love of their ability to make a living from their work, and that their theft is not an abstraction. . . in fact, someone wrote that song. Ironically, we urge everyone to steal it. . . play it, pass it around, tweet it, text it. Get the message out!

Other committee folk participating in the video include songwriters Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk, Georgia Stitt, and Stephen Schwartz, as well as DG members Adam Gwon, Christopher Dimond, Michael Kooman, Curtis Moore, Benj Pasek, and Nathan Tysen. The committee has plans for further activities and will eventually address the online issues facing playwrights, too.

Special thanks to The Dramatists Guild Fund for use of footage from The Legacy Project.