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The Authors Guild, the nation’s oldest and largest professional advocacy organization for published writers, has written an open letter that calls on generative AI leaders  to obtain consent, credit, and fairly compensate writers for the use of copyrighted materials in training AI. We encourage DG members to consider this vital issue, which could have ramifications for theatrical writers as well. You can voice your support for your fellow writers by signing the petition below!

"We, the undersigned, call your attention to the inherent injustice in exploiting our works as part of your AI systems without our consent, credit, or compensation. 

Generative AI technologies built on large language models owe their existence to our writings. These technologies mimic and regurgitate our language, stories, style, and ideas. Millions of copyrighted books, articles, essays, and poetry provide the “food” for AI systems, endless meals for which there has been no bill. You’re spending billions of dollars to develop AI technology. It is only fair that you compensate us for using our writings, without which AI would be banal and extremely limited...

We ask you, the leaders of AI, to mitigate the damage to our profession by taking the following steps: 

1. Obtain permission for use of our copyrighted material in your generative AI programs.

2. Compensate writers fairly for the past and ongoing use of our works in your generative AI programs.

3. Compensate writers fairly for the use of our works in AI output, whether or not the outputs are infringing under current law."

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