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Major Copyright Victory for Dramatists

The Dramatists Guild offers congratulations to its members, Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman, as well as their Jersey Boys co-authors, Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio, on their victory in the copyright case of  Corbello v. Valli et al. The writers’ defense team was led with great expertise by David S. Korzenik, Esq., in a legal battle fought in the courts for over 13 grueling years.

The Guild is proud that The Dramatists Legal Defense Fund participated in this case, by submitting an Amicus Brief (authored by Guild and DLDF attorney David Faux, with support from General Counsel Ralph Sevush), arguing that Corbello’s claims were barred by the principle of Copyright Estoppel, among other defenses.


New Contract! Digital Rights Agreement

Our new contract will enable you to grant a non-profit producer the exclusive right to present live streamed productions. If you have already entered into a stage production agreement, and wish to either replace it or extend it to include live streaming rights, please use our Live Stream Addendum instead.

If you also wish to license live stage production rights, along with your digital rights, you can negotiate terms using the DG form of live production agreement that is applicable to your circumstances, and attach it to this agreement as an exhibit. If you have a publisher and/or agent who is the exclusive representative for your stock and amateur rights, you will need to check with them to see if they have a “digital rights” rider that will enable them to license your live streaming rights along with (or instead of) your live production rights. If they have submitted such a rider, we are available to review it with you.


Three Copyright Advocacy Webinars starting Sept 21!

September is Copyright Advocacy Month at the Dramatists Guild. Because copyright is not a passive act, we want to empower our members to learn what copyright means, how it benefits theatrical writers, and what you can do to protect your copyright. Sign up for a Copyright Webinar today!

Webinar 1: Wait! That's Not What I Wrote! on Monday, September 21 at 2pm EDT

Script approval is a basic authorial right that originates from copyright law.

This right ensures that no changes are made to an author’s work without their prior written consent. But what happens when this basic right is violated? What happens when changes are made without the author’s permission, or despite the author’s wishes?

Join DG Copyright Management Inc. (DGCM) for a discussion between authors Amanda Green (Hands On A Hardbody, Bring It On, High Fidelity) and Doug Wright (I Am My Own Wife, Hands on A Hard Body, War Paint), with special guest moderator, attorney and writer Cheryl Davis ("As the World Turns," The Color of Justice).

Webinar 2: Copyright Questions with Catherine Rowland from The U.S. Copyright Office on Friday, September 25 at 2pm EDT

Back by popular demand! Catherine Rowland of the United States Copyright Office will join us for another Business Affairs webinar.

Along with DG Staff Amy VonMacek and Tari Stratton, Catherine will answer any and all questions about copyright registration. We encourage you to submit your questions ahead of time, if possible, though we will also take some questions live during the webinar.


Webinar 3: Music Copyright 101 with Sean Patrick Flahaven from Concord Theatricals on Wednesday, September 30 at 2pm EDT

The copyright in a song has a life off-stage. As a songwriter, it is your responsibility to understand the different ways in which songs are used, so that you can best exploit your work and collect royalties.

Join DG Copyright Management Inc. (DGCM) for a discussion between DG's Deborah Murad, Esq. and Concord Music's Sean Patrick Flahaven. In this panel addressing the basics of managing a copyright in music, you'll learn about the various licenses and relevant organizations, so that you can feel empowered to navigate this often confusing arena for yourself.



For 30 days, DG will share tips on what exactly copyright means, how it benefits theatrical writers, and what you can do to protect your copyright. See what we've shared with members so far.

September 2
ARTICLE: Playwrights and Copyright by Doug Wright

September 2
VIDEO: Mindi Dickstein Talks About Copyright

September 2
MUSIC VIDEO: Someone Wrote That Song Music by Alan Menken and Lyrics by Craig Carnelia

September 2
VIDEO: #DGuknow: Copyright 101 for Dramatists

September 3

September 3
WEBINAR: ASK BA: The Real Person in Your Play

September 4
DEEP DIVE: The Basics of Copyright

September 7
WEBINAR: ASK BA: International Copyright and Licensing

September 8
ARTICLE: Six Comments on Streaming During the Coronavirus

September 9
VIDEO: Brian Lowdermilk Talks About Copyright

September 10
ARTICLE: The Urinetown Papers: The U.S. Copyright Office Debunks the Notion of a "Director's Copyright"

September 12
ARTICLE: A Statutory Rebuff to the Idea of a Director's Copyright

September 14
ARTICLE: Anti-Piracy Forms for Auditions and Rehearsals

September 16
ARTICLE: The WGA Script Registry Is No Substitute for Copyright Registration

September 17
ARTICLE: The Varied Copyrights of Theatre

September 18
ARTICLE: Childress v. Taylor



September 16
#ArtsHero Town Hall for Guild Members

September 17
ONLINE: How the Run A Crowdfunding Campaign (Writer's Guild of Great Britain)
BALTIMORE ONLINE DG Footlights™ feat. The Search by Kevin Kostic

September 18
NYC ONLINE: Write Now!

September 21
Deaf Theatre Artists Roundtable

September 23
FLORIDA ONLINE A HIT! How Does It Happen? Success in Submitting
NYC ONLINE: Write Now!

September 24
BALTIMORE ONLINE DG Footlights™ feat. The North Wing by Sara Cosgrove

September 25
COPYRIGHT ADVOCACY MONTH: Copyright Questions with Catherine Rowland from The U.S. Copyright Office
FLORIDA ONLINE: Dramatist Cocktail Hour

NYC ONLINE: Friday Night Footlights® feat. The Cost of Conquest by Amanda DeLalla
NYC ONLINE: Write Now!

September 26
NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ONLINE: DG Footlights feat. New Short and Short Short Plays by Linda Ayres-Frederick, and Scenes from Your Daughters, Too by Celina Reynes

September 28
NEW ENGLAND WEST ONLINE: Virtual Writing Group

September 30
COPYRIGHT ADVOCACY MONTH: Music Copyright 101 with Sean Patrick Flahaven from Concord Theatricals
NYC ONLINE: Write Now!

October 01
Banned Together: Facing Censorship: Personal Experiences on Being Banned

October 02
Banned Together: Unknown Legacies: Black Playwrights in America



#ArtsHero Town Hall Wednesday, September 16 at 1pm EDT

Join us for a conversation with Matthew-Lee Erlbach, in which he'll discuss how he helped draft an Open Call Letter to the 116th U.S. Congress to ask for an extension to the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program (FPUC), and a 100 percent subsidy for the COBRA, with eligibility extended to 36 months.



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DGF Emergency Grants

For over 50 years, DGF has administered Emergency Grants that provide financial aid to writers in serious need. These grant are available to playwrights, composers, lyricists, and bookwriters at all stages of their careers.



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September 18: Princeton Arts Fellowship
September 18: Creative Support for Individuals Grant Program
September 20: EarthQuake
September 21: Irons in the Firem
September 22: BAC Artivism Fellowship
September 24: Jonathan Larson Grants
September 25: The Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers
September 25: Theater Viscera
September 26: LSF Science Commission
September 30: City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting Contest
September 30: Eight 10s in Tuscon Ten-Minute Play Festival

October 01: Carmago Core Program Residency
October 01: EdTA International Thespian Festival for Young Dramatists
October 01: Musical Theatre Writers Lab
October 01: Adirondack Theatre Festival
October 02: Millay Colony for the Arts
October 02: Carmargo Core Program Residency
October 04: Women's Work Project
October 09: The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center Residency
October 09: So Queer Play Festival
October 10: Playwrights First
October 15: ShowOff! Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival
October 16: Bay Area Playwrights Festival



Call and Response Sep/Oct 2020

The September/October 2020 issue takes a look at some dramatist-led resources, initiatives, and actions to which they have been called to respond.

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