Did you know that all across the nation (and world), there are 31 DG Regional Representatives, and 63 DG Ambassadors, who are working all the time to maintain relationships, improve the landscape for new writing, and provide meaningful resources and programming to theatrical communities everywhere? It takes a village to make our work happen!

The deadline has been extended to Friday July 31, for all regions that are currently in nominations. Anyone can nominate a Regional Rep! We encourage you to participate in this process by nominating the person whom you think will best serve your region. (Please note that only full DG members may vote in their regional election, once the ballots have been assembled.) Actively nominating and voting for your new Regional Rep makes a huge difference in ensuring that your region has adequate representation.

Our Regional Reps are nominated and elected into the service-oriented positions by their theatrical communities, and by the Regional Committee. Reps communicate with members across the nation, and meet regularly with DG staff to strategize how to best serve their region. Right now, as part of our first Regional Rep “election cycle,” the following TEN Regions are in the midst of nominations for their next Regional Rep.

Atlanta                                           California – South
Chicago                                         Colorado
Houston                                        Michigan
Minneapolis/St. Paul                  New York State
Portland                                         Seattle

Benefits of Becoming a DG Regional Rep:

  • Complimentary DG membership and visibility as a national representative during your elected three-year term (Click here for a full list of DG membership benefits);
  • Open communication with Regional Council members, who weigh in on organization-wide decisions;
  • Strengthening relationships through community engagement and improving the standards for dramatists with theatres and artistic organizations in your region;
  • Ongoing engagement, resource training, and skill-building with DG staff;
  • Partnering with Regional Representatives and Ambassadors across the world to learn about what might be possible to help writers in your region;
  • Opportunity to submit nominees for the Lanford Wilson Award.

Requirements of a DG Regional Rep:

  • Commitment to a three-year term;
  • The programming of regional DG events, such as meet and greets, readings/Friday Night Footlights, or town hall meetings. You will also be required to submit the information about programming and the state of new writing in your region to the DG’s national office in New York, where it will be distributed to the membership;
  • The managing of a regional budget for the facilitation of events and programming;
  • The submission of three Regional Reports per year, to be published in The Dramatist, and to also be distributed via social media;
  • Attendance at monthly online meetings with other Regional Reps across the nation, and with Dramatists Guild staff;
  • Community strengthening and member outreach.

The Dramatists Guild promotes the core belief that the theatre should be a diverse and inclusive place that holds a mirror up to the world, endorsing the principles of equal opportunity for all who work in the theatre. To these ends, we encourage the nomination of persons of every race, color, culture, age, gender, physical disability, and sexual orientation, in order to move towards achieving a theatre industry, both on and off stage, that reflects the full diversity of American society. We encourage our members to make this a priority when submitting nominations.

If you want to learn more about these programs, and/or weigh in on our operations, please consider attending our upcoming Town Hall this Friday, July 24 at 5pm EDT. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions! We’re always here for you, and my direct email is jstovall@dramatistsguild.com

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