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Photo by Nayani Teixeira


On Monday November 2 at 7pm EST, we'll be LIVE FROM THE ANARCHIST JURISDICTION. 

Join us for a Zoom reading of 76 new micro plays! Created in the style of The One-Minute Play Festival (#1MPF), these plays are a meditation on the current cultural and political moment in our country.

Last month, The Department of Justice deemed Portland, Seattle, and New York City to be anarchist jurisdictions, in the wake of protests and civil unrest. This attempt to delegitimize, criminalize, and defund perceived sanctuary cities that are politically opposed to the current administration, during an election season, has caused a ripple-out effect across our entire country. The narrative that the Justice Department is framing does not match the day to day reality of what is going on in our country. 

We are days away from an election, and we have a critical opportunity to reshape, reimagine, and redesign the future that we want to live in, through the power of our votes, our voices, and our actions. In that spirit, we wanted to create a rapid-response project that is an entry-point to that conversation about this moment of civil unrest, divisions of ideas and values, and deep cultural shifts.


Nathaniel P. Claridad, Rebecca McDonald, Burgess Byrd, & Nilan


Kyle Adkins, Jamie Alliotts, Jessica Andrewartha, Scott Alan Andrews, Melisa Annis, John F. Backe, Gabriella Balsam,Maureen Barnes, Chad Beckim, Meny Beriro, Suzanne Bronson, Manny Buckley, Michael Bulger, Renee Calarco, Rachael Carnes, DC Cathro, David Caudle, Terry Cawley, Alisha Christiansen, Elizabeth Coplan, Roberta D’Alois, Richard M. Daley, Diane Davis, Margaret Engel, Eric Fallen, Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Hank Greenspan, Orian Israelsohn, George Jack, Linda Kampley, Leigh Kennicott, Jeffrey James Keyes, Frankie KL, Audrey Lang, Ashley Lara, Adrienne LaValley, Maggie Lee, Mark Harvey Levine, E. M. Lewis, Madison M. Mansouri, Oliver Mayer, Penny Mickelbury, Michele A. Miller, Nina Louise Morrison, Serena Norr, Margaret O’Donnell, Dawn O'Leary, Yoni Oppenheim, Nicole Pandolfo, Howard Pflanzer, Martha Pichey, Brian James Polak, Barry M. Putt, Jr., James Racheff, Lisa Rafferty, Cecelia Raker, Diane Richards, Cassandra Rose, Jennifer Schaupp, Laura Schofer, David Simpatico, Paul K. Smith, Tom Smith, Rachel Snyder, Ricardo Soltero-Brown, Peter Spartano, Ann-Giselle Spiegler, Leilani Squire, Caridad Svich, Eugenie Trow, Louisa Vilardi, Gregory Von Dare, Matthew Weaver, Jonathan West, Patricia Wakely Wolf, & Harrison Young 

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