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It is our pleasure to announce that Writers Groups, a new social platform built into the Dramatists Guild website, is now open!

End of Play.™ participants are currently able to access Writers Groups in the month of April.  Feel free to click the link below and connect with your fellow writers online. This is a forum in which to chat about your successes and challenges, to prepare for upcoming events, and to share your thoughts about craft, the theatre industry, and writing ideas! 

Please note that you will not be receiving notifications whenever someone responds to a post; we want to be respectful of how many emails you'll be receiving from us. Instead, we encourage you to log onto Groups on a daily basis, in order to see what everyone is talking about.

Groups will be opened to general membership beginning on Saturday, May 1. Over the next three months, DG will be transferring all Regional Facebook groups to this new platform. Writers Groups will allow you to share your information in a secure, private way, so that you can connect with fellow playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists worldwide. This is your chance to build community and expand your network of fellow writers without the hassle and frustrations of a social media platform.


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