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Did you miss our recent webinars on How to Adapt Existing Material for the Stage, Grantseeking for Dramatists, How to Create a Nonprofit, or How to Use Final Draft? These career-training webinars are now all available for DG members to view on our website.


How to Adapt Existing Material for the Stage

How do you adapt your favorite story or film for the stage? What do you need to know about underlying rights and copyright in order to make sure that your work can be produced? Discover what falls under the category of an adaptation, how to find out if work is in the public domain, how billing and compensation work for adaptations, and more!


How to Create a Nonprofit

Ever wondered whether starting a non-profit is right for you? Discover the legal and logistical elements necessary to start a successful nonprofit and learn about a tool that will help you assess your own readiness to move forward!


Grantseeking for Dramatists

Are you looking for funding to complete a creative project, mount an exhibition, or put on a performance? Learn how to identify funders who support individual artists, explore the option of fiscal sponsorship, create a step-by-step plan to find funding for your needs as an individual grantseeker, and more!


Learn to Use Final Draft® Scriptwriting Software

Discover the new features for dramatists that are now available in Final Draft 12! The Final Draft "1-2-3 process" enables writers like you to easily create, organize, and reshape the beats of your script. Check out the myriad of new features that Final Draft 12 has to offer, including advanced story building tools, outlining, PDF import, focus mode, track changes, and more.

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