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The Dramatists Guild's Business Affairs department recently created a new Digital Rights Agreement for member use. This agreement is intended to be a model contract that will enable members to grant a non-profit producer the exclusive right to present live-streamed productions.

Any members who wish to license live stage production rights along with their digital rights can negotiate terms, using the DG form of live production agreement that is applicable to their circumstances, and attach it to this agreement as an exhibit. Similarly, Guild members who are being commissioned to write a play for live-streamed performances can use the DG’s form of Commission Agreement and attach it to this agreement as an exhibit. Furthermore, DG members with publishers or agents who are the exclusive representative for their stock and amateur rights should be aware that they will need to check in with those representatives to see if they have a “digital rights” rider that will enable them to license  live-streaming rights along with (or instead of) live production rights. 

As always,  please reach out to our Business Affairs department with questions regarding our Digital Rights Agreement and/or with general questions about digital and live-streaming rights.

Please note that no one particular contract can fit every circumstance. This template is not intended to be a complete document, and it is important that you read it carefully so you may consider your specific circumstances in order to add to, delete, or modify it as appropriate. 


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