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#DGuKnow that the Guild has four new DG Guides for Dramatists?!

These guides address a myriad of different writer's needs, from submitting your work to contests or festivals to negotiating contracts with theatre companies to understanding the Guild's Approved Production Contract to creating a piece of devised theatre.

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Art of Negotiating Theatre Contracts

It can be daunting to negotiate with a producer, theatre, or school that wants to produce your play or musical. But it is important to advocate for yourself so that you receive the treatment that you deserve. 

Our guide on The Art of Negotiating Theatre Contracts will ensure that you know your rights as a dramatist, that you understand the current market, and that you recognize what you get in a negotiation.


Devised Theatre Guide

What happens when a theatrical collaboration expands beyond traditional definitions? Discover resources designed to help you form appropriate relationships with co-authors, devisors, and sponsoring theatres in the context of devised theatre! 

This guide summarizes the ways in which devised theatre is made and offers contractual templates that ensure the equitable participation of the parties involved. 


Broadway Contract Guide

Learn all about the Dramatists Guild's Broadway Approved Production Contract in this APC booklet guide!

Discover when to obtain the APC, how to use the APC, and what APC certification means. This guide also includes important information on the rights and responsibilities of DG members when they are produced on Broadway, such as Guild assessments and our Broadway Consultation member benefit.


Contests and Festivals

What should you look out for when trying to decide whether to apply to a contest or festival?

This guide offers best practices that playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists can consider when weighing submission opportunities for contests and festivals, so that they will be empowered to make informed submission choices. (Please be advised that these guidelines reflect ideal industry practices, not current minimum standards.) 


Looking for a different guide or model contract?  Find additional resources here.

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