Did you miss our recent Copyright Clinic, Compensation Panels, Q&A with the Copyright Office, or our Bill of Rights workshop? These career-training and advocacy webinars are now all available for DG members to view on our website.

Do You Know Your Rights?: An Introduction to the Dramatist's Bill of Rights
As a dramatist, it is essential for you to know the key industry standards, established in the Dramatist's Bill of Rights, so that you can successfully advocate for yourself as a writer.

Copyright Clinic with Deborah Murad
In this webinar, you'll learn about the life cycle of copyright, how to register your work, how to manage your intellectual property over its lifetime, and more.

How To Resolve Copyright Disputes: A Q&A on the new Copyright Claims Board and The CASE Act
Check out this webinar, featuring Copyright Claims Board attorneys Maya Burchette and Dan Booth, to learn how to bring your claims for copyright infringement to the new Copyright Claims Board in a more cost efficient way.

Production Compensation Panel Part One: Advice for Theatre Writers on Commissions, Advances, and Royalties from Theatrical Productions
Learn about commissions, advances, royalties, and other forms of compensation from theatrical productions, so that you’ll be informed and empowered to negotiate for your own equitable compensation based on current industry standards.

Production Compensation Part Two: Advice for Theatre Writers on Making Income from Subsidiary Markets
Discover what happens after you receive your first production! This webinar explores compensation through Stock and Amateur and Audio-Visual subsidiary rights, royalties from Foreign productions, and more.

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