DG and NCAC Protest the Cancellation of Carroll High School's Production of Marian: The True  Tale of Robin Hood  by Adam Szymkowicz

The Dramatists Guild of America strongly urges its members to read and sign The Author's Guild's letter to Audible, demanding that the online audiobook and podcast platform end its "easy exchange policy," which deducts earned royalty incomes from author's accounts. This problematic practice deprives writers of income that they are rightfully due under their Audible contract. 

As stated on The Author's Guild's website, "Audible is promoting this easy exchange policy as a benefit to increase its subscriber base, allowing listeners to purchase and listen to entire audiobooks and then return them for a refund or exchange them for a new book—all at the detriment of authors’ earnings. This is not an exchange policy, but an unauthorized audiobook rental arrangement supported by authors’ reversed royalties, and it must stop." 

Read and Sign the Letter

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