Do you write with a writing partner? Protect your work and your collaboration with DG's Model Collaboration Agreement! 

Collaboration is a wonderful but challenging part of the creative process. Discover how to protect your work with the Guild's Model Collaboration Agreement at our FREE, online contract bootcamp! 

The Guild is proud to offer an array of model contracts that serve members like you in varying aspects of your career, from collaboration agreements to commission agreements to production agreements for nearly every level of theatre. However, we also recognize that as much as we strive to make these model contracts as digestible for the non-lawyer as possible, there are always questions about how best to use them and what the terms mean.

For these reasons, we launched a monthly contracts bootcamp to provide you with an opportunity to get real-time guidance on each of our model contracts so you can start using them to the best of your benefit. Sign up to join DG's Director of Business Affairs, Jessica Lit, for an intimate 1.5-hour long session that will break down one of the Guild's Model Contracts. In these sessions, Jessica will explain how and when to use the contract, clarify what each provision means and why they are important, as well as provide a few tips and tricks for how to most effectively present and negotiate the contract. Next up is our Model Collaboration Agreement! 

This workshop will focus on the Collaboration Agreement for musicals, but both playwrights and musical theatre writers are welcome.

Two Dates: Thursday, August 17 and Thursday, August 31

ADT: 4pm
EDT/AST: 3pm
CDT: 2pm
MDT: 1pm
PDT/MST: 12pm
AKDT: 11am
HST: 9am

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