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As of May 2022, the Actors Fund has rebranded itself as The Entertainment Community Fund. The organization also has a new tagline: Supporting a life in the arts.

The Entertainment Community Fund hopes that this name change will help serve to clarify the ultimate goal of the organization, which is to provide support for all members of the entertainment industry, including -but not limited to- actors. 

"We are committed to amplifying our impact around the country," said Entertainment Community Fund President Joe Benincasa in an interview with Broadway News. "We want to reach out to more people in the entertainment community so that they know that we are here to help them."

As a member of the Dramatists Guild, you are eligible for the Entertainment Community Fund's services. If you are is in need of healthcare, financial assistance, affordable housing, or career enrichment, click here.

For more information about the Entertainment Community Fund, please visit

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