End of Play

End of Play.® season is almost here! Join us this April for National Playwriting and Composing Month. In addition to our month-long writing challenge, we'll be offering the following events (which are open to all DG members and End of Play.® participants) to help keep you informed and motivated throughout your End of Play.® writing process.

If you're ready to take the pledge to write the first draft of a new play or musical over the month of April, you can register here.

End of Play.® is an annual initiative, created by the Dramatists Guild, to incentivize the completion of new plays, scores, or songs over the period of one month. Starting with a successful launch in 2020, hundreds of participating dramatic writers across the world connected with one another to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of writing the first draft of new theatrical works.



End of Play.® Info Session
End of Play.® National Kick-Off Event
End of Play.® Synopsis Workshop with Tari Stratton
End of Play.® Structure Workshop with L Feldman




March 28

National: Participant Info Session


March 29

Ohio: Pens Up Kick Off


March 30

Southwest: End of Play.® "Pens Up" Kick Off

Tennessee: End of Play.® "Pens Up" Kick Off


March 31

End of Play ® National Kick Off


April 1

Colorado: End of Play. ®"Pens Up" Kick Off

New Jersey: End of Play.® "Pens Up" Kick Off

Atlanta: End of Play.® "Pens Up" Kick Off

The Carolinas: End of Play.® "Pens Up" Kick Off

NYC: End of Play.® Prompt Based Writing Session


April 2

Michigan: End of Play ®  "Pens Up" Kick Off





End of Play.® Info Session

Monday, March 28

Atlantic Time: 2pm Eastern Time: 1pm Central Time: 12pm Mountain Time: 11am Pacific Time: 10am Discover how to maximize your End of Play.® experience with helpful tips and techniques at this general informational session leading up to End of Play.® 2022.





End of Play.® National Kick-Off Event 

Thursday, March 31

Atlantic Time: 7pm
Eastern Time: 6pm
Central Time: 5pm
Mountain Time: 4pm
Pacific Time: 3pm

Participants all across the globe are invited to take part in this free event, designed to fuel inspiration and prepare you to write. This kick-off includes "Write Fast!", a rapid response writing challenge hosted by New York State Regional Rep Dominic D'Andrea, as well as a welcome session with Emmanuel Wilson, DG Executive Director of Creative Affairs, Jordan Stovall, Co-Administrator of End of Play.®/Director of Outreach & Institutional Partnerships, and DG Council member Deborah Zoe Laufer.




End of Play.® Synopsis Workshop with Tari Stratton

Thursday, April 14

Atlantic Time: 2pm
Eastern Time: 1pm
Central Time: 12pm
Mountain Time: 11am
Pacific Time: 10am

In this complimentary craft workshop session catered to End of Play.® participants, Tari Stratton (Director of DGI and co-teacher of Artist as CEO) will lead a workshop with exercises and tips on how to write a synopsis that will make sure your original writing impulse is being honored.




End of Play.® Structure Workshop with L Feldman

Monday, April 25

Atlantic Time: 7:30pm
Eastern Time: 6:30pm
Central Time: 5:30pm
Mountain Time: 4:30pm
Pacific Time: 3:30pm

When you think about the architecture of play structures, we know linear, episodic, cyclical... the so-called "primary colors" of play structure. But what happens when we want to break the rules and write something completely different to serve the needs of our creative works? 

In this complimentary craft workshop, L Feldman will lead an interactive session on alternative play structures to help inspire participants as they dive into the final week of End of Play.® 2022!


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