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Tuesday, June 7

Atlantic Time: 4pm
Eastern Time: 3pm
Central Time: 2pm
Mountain Time (D): 1pm
Mountain Time (S): 12pm
Pacific Time: 12pm
Alaska Time: 11am
Hawaii Time: 10am

How have American dramatists advocated for themselves over the past two centuries? How has the law evolved over that time in ways that impact playwrights’ lives and their efforts to make a living at their craft? Where has this history left dramatists today?

In the Guild's first advocacy event of the year, Emmanuel Wilson (DG Executive Director of Creative Affairs) interviews Ralph Sevush (DG Executive Director of Business Affairs) and special guest Brent Salter (author of Negotiating Copyright in the American Theatre) to discuss the history of theatre writers advocating for themselves and their evolving legal status. Salter's in-depth archival research -- including his research into the Guild’s own archives -- has given him insights into how writers sought to protect their work through collective minimum contracts (such as the "MBA"... now known as the "APC"), as well as professional norms, standards and practices, and more. 

As a Guild member, you are a part of an empowering history of writers looking out for each other to protect themselves, their work and their community. Discover the details of this legacy so that you can continue the tradition of advocacy throughout the course of your career. 


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