Every Writer Insured

Tuesday, November 29

Atlantic Time: 5pm
Eastern Time: 4pm
Central Time: 3pm
Mountain Time: 2pm
Pacific Time: 1pm
Alaska Time: 12pm
Hawaii Time: 11am

This webinar, specially designed for those who write for the theatre, will help you understand the Affordable Care Act, give you clear, step-by-step guidance on all your insurance options, and explain how to get the most affordable coverage.

We will provide important information that is relevant to dramatists as self-employed freelancers who need health insurance that is not employer-based. Find out how to estimate variable income to get the most out of your healthcare dollar, and see if you’re eligible for free insurance or reduced premiums. Learn how to lower your drug costs, and where to find care if you’re temporarily uninsured. This is an excellent opportunity for unbiased, comprehensive information. Review your options before Open Enrollment ends on January 15! 

Presented by the Entertainment Community Fund and Venturous Theater Fund, with the cooperation of the Dramatists Guild, the Dramatists Guild Foundation, New Dramatists, and the Playwrights’ Center.


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