End of Play.® 2022 starts April 1!
Mar 15, 2022
End of Play

This April, take the End of Play.® challenge and find out!

End of Play.® is an annual initiative, created by the Dramatists Guild, to incentivize the completion of new plays, scores, or songs over the period of one month. Starting with a successful launch in 2020, hundreds of participating dramatic writers across the world connected with one another to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of writing the first draft of new theatrical works.

In addition to our month-long writing challenge, we'll be offering a series of free events, open to all DG members and End of Play.® participants, to help keep  dramatists informed and motivated throughout the End of Play.® writing process. These events include an info session, a kick off celebration, and synopsis workshop.

If you're ready to take the pledge to write the first draft of a new play or musical over the month of April, you can register here.

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